Electrical filling station

User: City Ludbreg
Amount of funds received: 54.500,00 kuna
Amount Ludbreg has invested: 81.750,00 kuna
Total project amount: 136.250,00 kuna

The results:
– 1 electric boiler set
– citizens awareness of the need for environmental protection was raised
– renewable energy sources were promoted

Added value of the project:
This project contributes to the protection of the environment, the reduction of greenhouse gases and encourages the use of renewable energy sources in small communities such as Town Ludbreg.

General description of the project:
The project is about the installation of an energy efficient filling station for bikes and electric vehicles. The objectives of the project was to encourage citizens to rely on the importance of using electric vehicles, to reduce burden on the environment, to increase the quality of life through the creation of different and efficient infrastructure for traffic participants. The planned environmental impacts relate to a reduction in CO² emissions. Social contribution to the community is improving the quality of air, reducing environmental pollution and raising the quality of life of citizens.