Leading partner: Agricultural and Forestry Institute Murska Sobota
Partners: Town Ludbreg, Institute for Advanced Technologies in Permanent Development, Institute Mariaum Veržej, Department of Environment Tourism Dobrovnik, Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber of Varaždin, Tourist Board of Town Varaždin
Estimated duration of implementation: 1. 9. 2017. – 1.3.2020.
Amount Ludbreg has invested: 996,883,70 kuna
Total project amount: 6.340.783, 70 kuna

The project’s result will be an increased attractiveness of the cross-border area due to the new tourist product that will include natural and cultural (material and immaterial) heritage associated with interesting content from the hinterland. Also four tourism micro-products will be developed in four microlocations.

Added value of the project:
By implementing the project, a presentation space will be arranged at Batthyany Castle, which will be used as a communication and presentation tool for local vinedressers.

General description of the project:
The main objective of the project is to create and implement new tourist facilities in the project area on the basis of active inclusion of cultural and natural heritage, combined with the exciting amenities offered by rural areas and farms.
Within the project, four micro products of tourist purpose will be developed, two on each side of the border.
Four micro products, to be exhibited in four microlocations and will be linked to a common cross-border tourism product. Town Ludbreg will develop its products on the theme of Wine and will include the local wine route in it´s activities. The starting point will be in the basement of the Batthyany castle, which will be decorated as a wine and tasting cellar and will serve as a promotional tool of the local Ludbreg region.