Visitor Center – The World Visitor Center

User: City Ludbreg
Amount of funds received: 274.400,00 kuna
Amount Ludbreg has invested: 601.100,00 kuna
Total project amount: 875.500,00 kuna
Total investment amount: 15.000.000,00 kuna

Well-arranged and equipped space for visitors, tourists and pilgrims, a space for a travel agency, a catering facility, a souvenir shop, a children’s and young area, a multifunctional hall and an amusement park

Added value of the project:
This project will create additional support for the development of the existing tourist platform, the establishment of new information channels, new opportunities for entrepreneurs and tradesmen created, Town Ludbreg presented as a unique tourist destination.

General description of the project:
The aim of this project is to increase the competitiveness of tourist offer and to increase the number of tourist arrivals. The specific goals to be achieved relates to the developed destination management of Ludbreg, the development of a unique tourist product and the introduction of a completely new attraction which will be based in the north part of Croatia as a unique attraction. Through the project it will be possible to create different types of tourism, increase the recognizability of existing tourism products, introduce multimedia solutions and ICT technology, valorize existing resources and cultural and natural heritage. The final product will be a new public infrastructure, ie the World’s Visitors Center.