Conference on the progress of the DESCO project

A press conference on the progress of the DESCO project was held in Prelog. The project is being realized within the framework of the INTERREG VA Hungary – Croatia 2014-2020 Cooperation Program. Project DESCO is based on the need to strengthen cooperation between small towns and different stakeholders.  In this process are three partners from two countries, Ludbreg, Prelog and Letenye Municipality, with the aim of improving cooperation between partners, institutions and citizens in the cross-border area. The main objective of the project is to develop a common platform for strategic co-operation between different stakeholders across the cross-border area. This method enables a large number of different organizations to be linked, it helps in developing and solving issues on both sides of the border. The specific objectives of the project are to increase the exchange of experience and knowledge between participants from the Croatian and Hungarian sides, strengthening the partnership between local authorities, civil society, small and medium enterprises and citizens by promoting local strategic development.

In terms of informing the public about the progress which is being made by the project team, a press conference was held. At the beginning of the conference all participants at were greeted by the Mayor of Prelog, Ljubomir Kolarek, the representative of Letenye Imre Simonyai and Petra Međimurec, a project manager of DESCO project and the representative from Ludbreg. Petra Međimurec made a brief presentation on the project results that were achieved, like formed communication tools, web page as a dissemination platform, base of stakeholders, list of best projects from included partners and many more.

Judith Vinhoffer from Letenye and Project Manager for the City of Prelog Mateja Kavran Matjačić presented future activities for mentioned partners. DESCO partners will develop strategies that are relevant to their development and progress in different areas such as general development, new technologies, urban landscaping and asset management. For example, Prelog has started to develop a fundamental strategic document for the development of Town Prelog under the title “Development Strategy of the City of Prelog from 2018 to 2028”, while Ludbreg and Letenye will create strategic documents based on terms like smart cities, usage of ICT tools for improvement and implementation of e-government, public space management and in general improving living conditions for citizens.

And to learn more on the conference, see the gallery at the following link: DESCO konferencija