User: Town Prelog and partners – Kindergarten “Fijolica” Prelog, Kindergarten “Vesela loptica” Prelog, Kindergarten “Kockavica” from Sveta Marija, Kindergarten “Žibeki” from Pribislavac and Kindergarten “Klinčec” from Donja Dubrava

Total project amount: 11.880.727,74 HRK

Co-financing percentage: 11,880,727.74 HRK (100%)

Funds approved within the framework of the Public Call for “Equipment for a Better Life” – improvement of Early Childhood Services and Preschool Education

Results: Ensuring equal opportunities in using kindergarten services  

Added Value: Creating opportunities to harmonize business and private life of young families
Description: The planned activities of the project are ensuring extended stay for all kindergarten partners. It is planned to employ 15 educators and 18 auxiliary staff. In the extended stay service, 21 children will be included and 95 children will be have the opportunity to stay in the kindergarten in the afternoon, out of which 15 children will be of early age. In the area of ​​improvement of services, further development of existing programs and in order to ensure conditions for a better quality of  of services, especially for children with developmental difficulties, a mobile professional team  consisting of a psychologist, pedagogue and an educational rehabilitator will be hired. Also an kinesiologist and early childhood educator will be hired.