Non-Classified Road in the Industrial zone PRELOG – EAST

User: City of Prelog

Total project amount:  4.304.508,75 HRK

Percentage of co-financing: 4.304.508,75 HRK (100%)

Funds were approved under the Rural Development Program for Republic of Croatia for the period 2014-2020., Measure 7, Basic services and rural rehabilitation in rural areas, ie type of operation 7.2.2. “Investments in the Construction of Non-Classified Roads”

Results: Road construction and arrangement  of the pedestrian-cycling path in length of 953.41 m.
Added value: Possibility of using the pedestrian-cycling paths for recreational purposes
Description: The main objective of the project is to reconstruct the existing road Kalman Mesarić street. Project activities include reconstruction of  the road with pedestrian-cycling paths (double-sided) with the development of rainfall drainage. The unclassified road is located in the Industrial Zone Prelog – East area and represents the reconstruction of the existing road.