Reconstruction and extension of the kindergarten in Prelog

User: City of Prelog

Total project amount: 9,281,664.14 HRK

Percentage of co-financing: 6.703.200,00 HRK (72%)

Funds were approved under the Rural Development Program for Republic of Croatia for the period 2014-2020., Measure 7, Basic services and rural rehabilitation in rural areas, ie. type of operation 7.4.1. “Investments in starting, improving or expanding services for rural population, including leisure and cultural activities and related infrastructure”

Results: Arrangement of the Kindergarten “Fijolica” in Prelog

Added value: Increasing the conditions for a better quality work of kindergarten
Description: The main objective of the project is the reconstruction and extension of the existing “Fijolica” kindergarten in Prelog which consists of reconstruction, upgrading and adaptation of the building. Realization of the project will increase the space for the quality of pre-school education, which is a primary need, especially with the increase of the number of children.