Ludbreg publicly presented the Proposal of Ludbreg Smart City Strategy

Town Ludbreg is part of the project “Development of Strategic Cross-border Cooperation between Letenye, Ludbreg and Prelog”, co-financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Program Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020. And in terms of project activity implementation Ludbreg started the development of Smart city strategy. 

Ludbreg Smart city strategy is being developed with the aim of applying smart solutions to improve quality of life, to improve information access and to engage citizens in city governance processes. Ludbreg decided to create a strategic document aimed at implementing smart solutions in all areas of social, business and public life. One of the stages of strategy development is discussion with citizens and data processing with the aim of obtaining feedback related to the application of innovative tools, new technologies and technical solutions.

Discussion with citizens on Ludbreg Smart city strategy has been held in Center for Culture and Information “Dragutin Novak” in Ludbreg.

Today, there is an increasing need for efficient and effective use of resources. Among other things we have to preserve the environment, encourage development of circular economy, find sustainable and intelligent solutions for numerous segments, for example in agriculture, waste management, public lighting, education and others. With this strategy, we want to identify the solutions and implement them, because we believe that cities can be leaders in this whole segment. Smart solutions increase the quality of life, but also the availability of information and the involvement of citizens in the process of City Management.

“This strategy is extremely important for us, because it enables us to see what tools to implement, how to improve the work of public administration and how to respond more effectively to the everyday needs of citizens, entrepreneurs, youth, schoolchildren and others. New solutions will improve Ludbreg´s efficiency as a public service, involve citizens in decision-making processes, define development needs and new projects, improve accessibility of information and services provided by Town Ludbreg. This strategy connects different areas such as administration, public institutions, public companies, kindergartens, schools, tourist community and others. Some of the solutions that are listed in the Strategy are digital e-platform for citizens, digital document dispatch system, project register, business digitization, traffic, rail traffic, children, educational processes, tourism and other items with which we as a public administration and citizens meet in our day-to-day operations. Just because of the importance that new technologies have on our daily lives, I hereby invite you to join the public debate, to submit your suggestions so we can jointly find the best solutions for all of us” said Dubravko Bilić, Mayor of Town Ludbreg, adding that public hearing will last until November 9, and citizens can give their suggestions via Ludbreg web site or personally in City’s premises in the Department of Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Development Projects.