Reconstruction and adaptation of Ludbreg’s cemetery

Lead partner: Town Ludbreg

Project duration: 24 months

Total cost of the project: 9.100.000,00 HRK

Ludbreg’s Cost: 1.820.000,00 kuna (20%)

Program: Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Croatia for the Period 2014-2020

Project status: on evaluation

The results:

Created additional community content for all social groups through the adaptation and arrangement of socially useful infrastructure

Added value of the project:

The project has a significant contribution to increasing the municipal standard for the local population because it intends to restructure social infrastructure of exceptional importance for the entire community

General description of the project:

This project will feature the City Cemetery in Ludbreg. The main activities of the project include the parking of the parking lot from the south side of the cemetery, platoon pavement, the creation and installation of a canopy, the installation of urns and the repair of other objects on the site of cemeteries such as the morgue, the existing Jewish tomb and grave house. This project will be used to adapt and decorate the enclosed space within the cemetery and the accompanying buildings as well as their visual connection through the use of traditional and modern materials, designs and similar design solutions. The investor’s intention is to use a material, design and conceptual solution to create a comprehensive ensemble and connect the various segments of the cemetery. Through this project will increase the availability of communal infrastructure that will be available to the entire local community, enabling improved access to public social infrastructure and public utility. By building a parking lot, plowing the plains and platoons, installing an urn wall and setting up a canopy, the entire cemetery space and its accompanying buildings will be arranged, all with the aim of raising the quality of such services for all users.