User: Town Prelog and Partners – Society of Physically Disabled Persons of Međimurje County and Library of Town Prelog

Total project amount: 373.218,56 HRK

Percentage of co-financing: 373.218,56 HRK (100%) (85% of funds provided by the European Social Fund, 15% secured by the Ministry of Culture)

Funds were approved within the framework of the Call for Arts and Culture 54+ of the Ministry of Culture.

Results: To achieve better social inclusion and to improve the quality of life of people over the age of 54 through improving access to cultural and artistic activities

Added value: disabled persons participate in project activities

Description: There are 2.336 people over the age of 55 in the area of Prelog, which makes 29.9% of the total population. Of the total, 65% live in rural areas. In view of its material status, stakeholders can not participate in cultural or artistic activities in or outside of their environment. The town of Prelog as the applicant is aware of the lack of cultural contents for its inhabitants, especially for people over 55. The planned activities of the project are different, depending on the expressed interests. These activities will include at least 120 people over the age of 55, of which 15 elderly people with disabilities.