Recycling yard „Meka“

Lead partner: Town Ludbreg

Project duration: 10 months

Total cost of the project: 5.152.688,00 HRK

Co-financing rate achieved: 85%

Project status: finished

The results:

Built and equipped recycling yard in the area of Town Ludbreg

Added value of the project:

This project will build a recycling yard in the area of Town Ludbreg with the aim of increasing the rates of separately collected waste and reducing the amount of waste disposed to landfills in order to protect the environment and raise the quality of life of all 9194 citizens

General description of the project:

The project covers the administrative area of the local self-government unit of the Town Ludbreg which has a total of 13 settlements (Apatija, Bolfan, Čukovec, Globočec Ludbreški, Hrastovsko, Kuznan Ludbreški, Ludbreg, Poljanec, Segovina, Selnik, Sigetec Ludbreški, Slokovec and Vinogradi Ludbreški) where live 9 194 residents. The recycle yard will be equipped in such a way that it will be suitable for receiving various waste materials, depending on its aggregate state, size, density and the like. Activities with a higher order of priority in the waste management hierarchy with the best environmental outcomes will be implemented by opening an existing waste separation system and by opening a recycling yard with the aim of encourageing citizens, institutions and other stakeholders to carry out activities with a higher order of priority ( preventing the emergence of waste at the doorstep, allowing reuse, opening reuse in the recycling yard, recycling and other forms of recovery, eg energy recovery). There is currently no recycled yard or mobile recycling unit built in Town Ludbreg, despite the fact that Ludbreg has more than 9,000 inhabitants. By building a recycling yard and by disposing of different types of waste, it will be possible to collect the problematic waste from the household and its proper disposal or recovery and collecting bulky waste of smaller dimensions and mass and small construction waste, increase separation and collection of electrical and electronic waste, thus avoiding the disposal of this waste into mixed communal waste.