The third workshop of the Working Group for the development of the “Strategy for development of Town Prelog from 2018 to 2028” was held in Prelog

In the City Hall of the Town Prelog, a third workshop was held for the development of strategy under the title ” Strategy for development of Town Prelog from 2018 to 2028″. The workshop was held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, and this workshop was also led by representatives of Bercon d.o.o., in charge of planning and drafting the strategy. The document will be available to all citizens of the City of Prelog on the official web site of Town Prelog, while the public presentation of the strategy will be held within the Economic Forum in 2018 at the end of November. This Strategy will be the basic document for the future development of Town Prelog. Its work is funded under the cross-border cooperation program of Interreg V-A Croatia – Hungary 2014.-2020., as part of the project Development of strategic cross-border cooperation between Letenye, Ludbreg and Prelog, DESCO acronyms. The DESCO project is based on the need to strengthen cooperation between small towns and different stakeholders and gathers three partners from two countries, Ludbreg, Prelog and Letenye municipality. The project seeks to establish cross-border co-operation, strengthen local self-government capacities and create a strategic basis for promoting and increasing the number of cross-border initiatives in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises, civil society and public authorities.