Cross-border trip to Slavonia and Baranja

On 07 and 08 February 2019, partner of the project, Town Letenye, organized a two-day cross-border trip to Slavonia and Baranja within the DESCO project which is co-financed by the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.

Representatives of involved partners, Town Prelog, Letenye and Ludbreg, participated in the cross-border trip as well as representatives of civil society, public institutions and private entities from  project included areas.

Within the cross-border trip, stakeholders visited Nature Park Kopački Rit because the institution implemented different projects which were financed by national and European funds.  

On the second day of the trip, stakeholders visited the Regional Development Agency in Osijek, where they were acquainted with the projects implemented in the Slavonia and Baranja region, which are related to cross-border cooperation, tourism, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, energy reconstruction, environmental protection …

Stakeholders have also visited the Ethnological Center in Beli Manastir, which is an example of a successful project implemented at croatian national level. It is about a  transformation of an existing building into an ethnological center and creating a diverse cultural tourism offer. Trough the project the external pavilion was renewed,  exterior was arranged and additional facilities were set up to increase the number of visits and nights in Beli Manastir and it´s surrounding settlements.

The goal of this cross-border trip was to link civil society, public organizations and representatives from Prelog, Letenye and Ludbreg and introduce them different examples of good practice in writing and implementing projects – said Project Leader Petra Međimurec.