Strengthening Intergenerational Assistance in the Local Community – MEDGEN BORZA

Total project amount: 966.317,96 kn

Amount of funds received: 821.370,29 kn


Throughout the project, Prelog has adapted the facility where a new Center for Intergeneration – Prelog Children’s Center was established and over 40 volunteers were trained to work with children and the elderly.

Added value of the project: The contribution of intergenerational solidarity in the local community

General description:

The project leader was Loška dolina from Slovenia, while the other partners were: Municipality of Rečica ob Savinji and Inštitut Anton Trstenjak for gerontology and intergenerational coexistence on the Slovenian side, and the town of Prelog and the town of Ludbreg from the Croatian side. In each of the involved Slovenian and Croatian municipalities, the Intergeneration Center has come to an end. The organizer of the social network for quality aging and better co-existence among generations has been trained for its permanent work. In addition to the organization of the Intergeneration Centers through the project, numerous events have also been held that have contributed to the increase of intergenerational solidarity in the community.