Entrepreneurial Incubator Ludbreg, Lucera d.o.o.

User: City Ludbreg
Amount of funds received: 719.210,99 kuna
Amount Ludbreg has invested: 622.600,68 kuna
Total project amount: 1.341.811,67 kuna

Results: a well- arranged and equipped space for small entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups

Added value of the project:
The services provided by the incubator relate to affordable rental rates for offices and workspaces, subsidized rental rates, IT services (web design, websites, 3D printers, graphic design, marketing tools), business ideas consultancy, project implementation, virtual incubators, business, technical and educational services, seminars and trainings for entrepreneurs, business consulting, Internet application development and software solutions, development and implementation of innovative ICT solutions

General description of the project:
The aim of the project is to inform and strengthen interested stakeholders about business opportunities offered in Ludbreg, whether it is innovative technologies, ICT tools or everyday business activities. The goal was achieved through the activities of the Business Incubator Ludbreg, which activities proved to be one of the main actors of economic growth in Town Ludbreg. Through the implementation of this project, economic development of Ludbreg has been made possible and it helped to increase competitiveness of the economy by increasing the employment rate and creating a positive business environment. Through the project, a space that was unused was renovated and become a arranged business space for incubation of entrepreneurs.

Link to web site: http://lucera.hr/