Construction of waste sorting waste as part of the recycling yard of the HPP PRE-KOM d.o.o.

User: Town Prelog
Total project amount: 3.683.244,96 kuna
Amount of co-financed funds: 2.946.595,97 kuna (80%)

Results: Accelerated and increased efficiency of separating useful waste and reducing the share of waste going to the landfill. In addition, this investment has increased the possibility of reusing waste.

Added value of the project: Prevention of waste generation and re-use

General description: New waste sorting line covers the needs of Lower Medjimurje region, ie 25,000 inhabitants or 7,000 households and over 500 legal entities from this area. The recyclable yard is handled for processing and useful waste from neighboring local self-government units that are not in the joint waste management system. In the forthcoming period it is expected to further increase the amount of useful waste up to 1,200 tons per year and only dimensioning the line for sorting useful waste is made to this amount. The construction of a new larger and faster sorting of useful waste was completed by the waste management system of Lower Medjimurje.