Happy bike

Leading partner: Town Letenye

Partners: Town Ludbreg, Town Prelog and the County administration for the Varaždin County Roads

Estimated duration of implementation: 20 months

Amount Prelog has invested: 2.094.412,50 kuna

Total project amount: 7.893.853,69 kuna


A cross-border cycling path that connects three settlements, Ludbreg, Prelog and Letenye in two countries, Croatia and Hungary.

Added value of the project:

Special attention is given to the preservation of the environment, active tourism and the introduction of innovative communication tools. Due to the tendency of increasing the number of cyclists in the area in recent years, the goal of the project investments is to provide the necessary infrastructure as a prerequisite for creating new tourist attractions, content and to stimulate the local economy and employment.

General description of the project:

The project refers to the construction of a cycling infrastructure in the cross-border area that will connect Varaždin County, Međimurje County and Zala County in Hungary. Throughout the project, the necessary road infrastructure will be built, as well as supporting facilities such as rest areas and info points. The total length of the bicycle track will be over 100 kilometers and will pass through all the natural, cultural and tourist sights in the area. A modern bicycle parking facility will be built in Ludbreg, where tourists, as well as citizens, will be able to leave their bikes in a safe location. Particular attention will be paid to the development of active cyclotourism, the presentation of local cultural and natural sights and their presentation to a wider circle of users through different communication tools.