Leading partner: Town Ludbreg
Partner: Town Zalaegersek
Estimated duration of implementation: 16 months
Amount Ludbreg has invested: 820.102,94 kuna
Total project amount: 1.856.667,94 kuna

Installation of three smart underground storage containers for garbage disposal and garbage cans which will be associated with advanced waste tracking software.

Added value of the project:
Establishment of an ecological, smart and sustainable waste management system through the installation of underground containers.

General description of the project:
Project EcoSmartCities project refers to the establishment of a modern waste management system that includes equipment for underground containers. The whole project is associated with advanced waste management software by mobile applications, thereby it is focused on achieving time efficiency, reducing transportation costs and ensuring efficient human resource management.
The EcoSmartCities project has a positive impact on changing public awareness, increasing the level of recycling and waste sorting and establishing a sound waste management system based on innovative infrastructure, smart solutions and newest achievements in the field of waste management.