Zeleno podeželje

Leading partner: Agricultural and Forestry Institute Murska Sobota
Partners: The Slovenian Association for Integrated vegetable production, Introduced Institute for Advanced Technologies and Communications Murska Sobota, Development Agency of Town Čakovec – ČakRa d.o.o. and Town Ludbreg
Duration of implementation: 1.1.2014. – 17.6.2015.
Amount Ludbreg has invested: 528.154,50 kuna
Total project amount: 3.521.030,03 kuna

The results:
Empowered agricultural producers and strengthened agricultural production through the use of new information technologies and innovative approaches.

Added value of the project:
New promotion and distribution channels establish and “Green Points” for sale of fresh vegetables located on frequent locations in the local community.

General description of the project:
The main objective of the project was to improve the economic growth and competitiveness of producers of agricultural products in the border area of northeastern Slovenia (Podravska, Pomurska) and northwestern Croatia (Varaždinska, Međimurska županija). An innovative and comprehensive approach was used for the promotion and sale of heterogeneous rural and agricultural products of higher quality to general population.