Public debate in Town Ludbreg about Strategy of urban landscaping

Since 1st of November 2017, Town Ludbreg has started the implementation of the project “Development of Strategic Cross-border Cooperation between Letenye, Ludbreg and Prelog”, acronym “DESCO”, co-financed by Interreg VA Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020 Cooperation Program. One of the activity is development of strategic document and Town Ludbreg will make three strategies. Currently, is in progress public debate about Strategy of urban landscaping.

One of the stages of drafting the strategy is the implementation of the public debate and the processing of data with the aim of obtaining feedback on the citizens’ attitudes regarding the landscaping of the City of Ludbreg. The public debate lasted from October 16th to 26th, and the public presentation of the Proposed Landscape Strategy of the City of Ludbreg 2018-2027 was held on October 22 at the „Dragutin Novak“ Culture and Information Center in Ludbreg.

– The Strategy of urban landscaping of Town Ludbreg is being developed and implemented in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and the attraction of Town Ludbreg for visitors. This means to record the existing shortcomings, examine the attitudes, opinions and needs of the users and, on that basis, offer solutions. We also strive to encourage the use of natural and cultural resources of the City for the purpose of arranging public open spaces that will become an integral part of the recognizable identity of the City – said Mayor Dubravko Bilić.

He also discovered that Ludbreg is the first town in Croatia that will bring such a strategy.

– This strategy is part of the European project, which is further rejoicing to us. A public debate that ended up was an opportunity for our fellow citizens to engage in creating the future landscape of our city, from planting flowers and trees to the promenades. I’m sorry that interest was not bigger. The strategy has concluded some things we are aware of and which are related to the lack of parks and urban elements such as bench, waste bins, but at the same time the Strategy potentiates the green part as an element of the future touristic offer.

Although Ludbreg has tourist attractions in the landscape area, they are not sufficiently exploited and it is necessary to design and implement a series of measures to improve the existing and create new landscape scenarios. In this way, the landscape of the City of Ludbreg can be included in the constituent part of the touristic offer.