Iovia Botivo – Ludbreg Archaeological Park

User: City Ludbreg
Partners: Croatian Restoration Institute, LAG Izvor and U.O. Crnkovic
Estimated duration of implementation: 3 years
Consolidated amount of all partners: 2.570.918,43 kuna
Total project amount: 16.198.728,21 kuna

The results:
Revitalized and renewed cultural heritage, developed public infrastructure of tourist and cultural importance, increase of tourist arrivals, overnight stays and visits, extension of the tourist season, development of new tourist products, contents and services and increase of accommodation capacities in Ludbreg

Added value of the project:
Creating new and improving the existing cultural and tourist offer through the activities of valorizing cultural goods and putting public infrastructure into the function of tourism

General description of project:
It is planned that the Iovia Ludbreg Archaeological Park will be build around a Garden Somođi, which is located in the very center of the Town. The existing house at that location will be demolished and the newly constructed building will assume the role of a tourist center with sales, exhibition and information facilities. Given that the main focus in on integrated programs for the restoration of cultural heritage, this project, apart from the archaeological park, also includes an investment in the reconstruction of the Church of St. Trinity, decorating a basement in the Batthyany Castle with an exhibition space for the ethnographic collection and arranging a promenade along the River Bednja.