Center for Culture and Information “Dragutin Novak” Ludbreg

Lead partner: Center for Culture and Information “Dragutin Novak” Ludbreg

Partner on the project: Town Ludbreg

Total investment value: HRK 9,313,750.00

The results:

Adapted and decorated building of the Cultural Center

Added value of the project:

The Center for Culture and Information is the only institution dealing with cultural activities in the area of Ludbreg and its surroundings. Center for Culture and Information only has a hall where theater, ballet, cultural art events can be held, as it has a stage where it is possible to organize it.

General description of the project:

Due to the large number of users in the hall, as well as the new needs of the population, the restoration of the multifunctional hall is important for the inclusion of as many local people as possible, either through different associations or as individuals. With the new organization and modernization, expansion and enhancement of capacity, Center will try to increase the number of cultural and sport events in Town Ludbreg. In addition to the aforementioned Center’s plan, if opportunities are to be found, the employment of a cultural animator by rebuilding and enhancing the contents of the hall opens opportunities for organizing various activities and introducing new content such as demo bands, workshops, organization of a theater group, etc.