City Library “Mladen Kerstner”

Applicant: City Library “Mladen Kerstner”

Project status: Obtaining project – technical documentation for building the facility


Built and decorated new building for the needs of the city library

Added value of the project:

The building will be equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment that will be designed and set up as a separate unit. The new library building will have a modern educational character in combination with additional content that will act to inform, educate and establish a direct contact with the user. Town Ludbreg will build an attractive multipurpose space for the innovative cultural and educational programs that will be new in the city.  

General description of the project:

The library space has become too small to receive and equally provide all services to all those interested and to include them in their programs and projects. As there is a high interest rate of users of all ages for the library work, the intent of the applicant is to build a social infrastructure that can provide and produce a variety of programs, projects and new opportunities for cultural and social upheaval. Providing adequate space and sufficient accommodation capacity for the existing fundus library will enable the implementation of new activities, programs and projects for all social groups of all ages. The need for users for social interaction, socialization and of course educational activities within the scope of the present space is not satisfied, as it often happens that due to the small spatial capacities the time of reading and the implementation of workshops is reduced in time and the users of library services from the Ludbrega area are deprived of the other cities and communities. Within the new space, users will be able to participate in a number of programs and projects that will suit their needs and preferences.